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Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday's Keynote Speaker .... A Tale well Spun!

Keynote speaker Dr. Ohler spun his tale well. His delivery was outstanding as he kept the audience's attention through a very animated presence. While keeping his act lively, he was able to deliver very pertinent content. He was more than entertainment on a stage to get people motivated.

My hope is that the attendees will pass Dr. Ohler's message along to all of our fellow educators. He hammered home the thought that Art is as important to our students as the 3 big R's. I don't want to pretend to be as eloquent as our keynote speaker, but basically the future requires our students to have skills that we might not consider important today. We can't just focus on the big 3.

To further discussion relating to Dr. Ohler's message, I highly recommend to my fellow tech educators to follow Scott McLeod's blog which is posted trough and his own site. His latest entryAssessing 21st Century Skills is very pertinent to all educators and especially those of us on the forefront of tech education.

Once again, thanks Dr. Ohler for a great beginning to our Friday. You were very thought provoking and you made an impact on my thoughts.

Scott Meech -


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