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Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's about the learning and sharing

Each year after the end of the conference I reflect on how things went this past week. But first I take one night to unwind with my family, catch up on mail and laundry, watch those favorite TV shows I missed that were recorded on the DVDR, and sleep in on Saturday morning. So now after a day of relaxing, unpacking, and vegging out, I'm thinking about all the people I connected with, the new ideas that are spinning in my head to take back to my district, and how incredible the conference turned out thanks to so many wonderful volunteers and presenters. I still have blogs to read, digital handouts to view, podcasts to listen to and of course can't wait to read the compiled suggestions in the evaluations so we can make next year even better. The numbers don't lie, so I know which sessions were your favorites, but I'm glad we were able to provide a variety of sessions for everyone. So even those rooms where presenters only shared with a few, those few learned something new. It's all about the learning and sharing. I hope some of you that attended this year will consider submitting a proposal to present next year with the projects and ideas you will be taking back to your schools!! Thanks again to everyone who attended and everyone who worked to make IL-TCE 2007 the best ever. Let's keep this blog going for awhile to share all that we experienced. If everyone shares one new idea, website, or tip here on this blog, everyone will have learned and shared even more. Which session was your favorite and why?


At 4:04 PM, Anonymous Pam Nielson said...

There were so many good presentations, it is hard to pick just one favorite. If I must, I will say it was Steve Dembo's "Top 10 Free Sites." He is such a dynamic presenter who really engages his audience. I was familiar with several sites that he presented, but not all, so I allowed myself some time this weekend to explore each one and add a shortcut on my browser's toolbar.

I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing David Pogue speak about "The Top 5 Technologies for the Next Five Years" and Adam Frey's two sessions on wikis.

My new idea? I am a yearbook adviser, so I think using a wiki with my staff to help collaborate on articles for the yearbook might work well.


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